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report coming up next. >> shark. >> couldn't believe it. >> a beloved baltimore teacher dies after a car crashes into him. >> some city paramedic trainees were accused of cheating on an exam. but, first, an officer finds himself involved in a heroin ring. >> reporter: officer daniel redd faces life in prison for being at the center of a heroin ring. redd, who has been on the job since 199 now faces seven counts of possessing and distributing the drug. police began investigating redd in january and headed it over to the feds. the fbi raided eight homes in connection with the ring as well as three cars.
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city police initiated the federal investigation because a spokesperson said the commissioner wanted to send a strong message that abuse of power in his department will not be tolerated, a message the u.s. attorney was happy to help send. >> we hope that send as powerful message that in you carry a drug -- gun and deal drugs you will face a lengthy term. >> reporter: four others were implicated. the feds asked for redd to remain behind bars. that hearing is coming up friday morning at 10:30. brian kuebler report. pettitte represents the iraq war veteran who was killed outside a nightclub. now tshamba was found guilty of manslaughter. the judge will decide which one pettitte can go after.
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he's not just seeking damages. he's seeking changes. wendall hairston, this long time school teacher. he taught jazz, music. kelly swoope has more. >> a sad story. 60-year-old -- the 60-year-old taught for 30 years. his fan was let by a suspect driving a stolen white mercedes on liberty heights neighborhood. an officer spotted the car in the 4100 block of west belvidere and crashed at belle. hairston was take tonight hospital where he died. he was the director of the jazz group called the winston band.
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a neighbor says he just liked to be a teacher -- talk to the teacher on saturday. >> shocked. couldn't believe it because i had just talked to him, and, actually, i saw the accident on television, but it never occurred to me that this was, you know, dave, just never occurred to me until that next morning. it's a terrible loss and to happen so suddenly, that's what's really shocking. >> police have a man in custody and consider him to be a person of interest. so far, no charges have been filed. jamie, back to you. baltimore police arrested 16-year-old kemo martin, jr. the shooting happened last thursday at the oak hill town
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homes. a 32-year-old female guard was shot in the right eye. she's out of the hospital. a 38-year-old male guard was shot in the upper body, remains in the hospital, listed in serious condition. police are looking for one other suspect. another hot and humid day. expect it to get a lot worse by the and of the day. wyatt has a look at your steamy forecast. >> absolutely hot conditions that was the story out there today and we've been tracking storms this afternoon and into the evening. a lot of this has been mainly to the west. this is the most intense storm in the state crossing i-70 moving south of i-70. it's well west of the baltimore area. one storm, really a downpour that keeps cycling south of deal in the southern tip of anne arundel county, a few showers moving into the easton area. hey, the rest of the evening will be balmy in the 80s for the
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mid-90s and extremely humid. check this out. tomorrow to 94. that will be our coolest day for quite awhile. we'll talk about the big heat surge on the what i coming up. >> abc2 continues to work for you. log on to you can find our hot weather guide and there's a boat load of information. so check out the three things you need to do to get the most out of your air-conditioning. those living in carroll county, their bills are about to go through the roof. plans to improve an almost century hold water system and paying for it with a new treatment plant will force every customer to pay about $4,000 each year. so when the bills show up, coming up in october, you're going to see about a 400% increase in what you already pay each quarter for your water and sewer out there. >> you're still looking at
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increases of $50 to $70 a month. it's definitely going to have an impact. i can't see putting that much of a burden on the town. >> i hope the folks recognize the the importance of this facility to the town and that's certainly a concern that some people are priced out of the community. >> so the town is not providing breaks for residents unable to pay the increase but is putting together a monthly plan for some who dread seeing a megabill. this fish doesn't look cute. it has been found swimming around anne arundel. here's the picture of the snake head. it hasn't gotten this close top annapolis ever. this is south of the south river which leads into -- all together now -- the chesapeake bay. this is the first time the snake head has made it this far north.
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>> salinity has been low. once in the bay proper, they clan go anywhere. >> this snake head can devour all fish types. that's why scientists are keeping a close eye on it. mosquitoes can be a real pest but can carry a number of diseases, including that west nile virus. we have tips. the baltimore county health department said apply insect repellent to your skin. place mosquito netting over infant strollers. at least once or twice a week empty water from flower pots, pet foods, water dishes and swimming pool covers. all right. we teach them how to beg, how to
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sit, how to roll over. they teach us how to treat cancer. linda so has more. first, the foods you need to heat tonight in the heat. jail mirk the heat will be on the next couple of days. we hit 95 today. the normal is 88. 93 was the forecast. we're within two degrees on. that charles burton, congratulations, you are our winner. we'll talk go big storms out there and even bigger heat right after this.
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yet another way dogs are proving to be best friends. abc2's linda so explains. >> reporter: tracy jenkins knows her australian shepherd is one lucky dog. one year ago bear was facing a scary situation. >> felt something hop his sal vary gland, throat, the right side and this grew quickly. >> reporter: bear was diagnosissed with can several he was enrolled in a clinical trial to study the drug.
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dr. sheryl london helped test the drug. after seeing the striking similarities between some dog and human clan sers, she now runs a clinic dedicated to finding cures for both. >> the goal of what we do in dogs land cats with cancer is to evaluate them before they make it into humans so we can better inform the human side. >> reporter: after seeing how well the drug worked, scientists developed an almost identical drug for humans for two different types of cancer. >> we have three pharmaceutical companies right now that are having us theft new drugs prior top entering the human clinical arena. they're asking towels tell them what are the side effects, how best can it be used. >> reporter: by helping to answer those questions, dogs like bear can be leading researchers down the receipt path for treating humans in the
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future. >> linda says we'll all be happy to know that bear is now cancer free. way to go, bear. maybe you count calories when you're eating out. restaurants with 20 or more locations have a list of calories but can you count on their figures. according to the journal of the american medical association, mostly yes. the calorie contents were, on average, more or less as advertised. 47% were over. 52% were at least 10-calories less. 19% of the foods were 100-calories over what the menus had claimed. with the scorching temperatures outside, changing up your grocery list might help you weather the worst of summer. best foods to beat the heat. dietitians recommend eating lighter meals and replace the whreart we're losing because of the sweating. to replace that water you stock
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up on your fruits and vegetables, which are almost all water and nutritious. >> some of the nutrients you get in dairy foods you cran get in vegetables. a lot of the leafy green vegetables are a good source of calcium. >> fill your carts with alternative sources of fats such as nuts and avocados. stay hydrated but check the labels on flavored water. be sure to check the caffeine content on your drinks as well. >> what do polar bears think about weather like this? roosevelt leftwich talked to the animals. what did they say? >> reporter: they said they would remember be out running free. they would like to be somewhere cooler. the maryland zoo as something going on to keep the furred and
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feathered animals cool. there's also plenty of sand and dirt in the area so they can spread it on their skin to beat the heat. while the elephants are from a hot climate, the crew keeps an oi on the polar bears to make sure they're staying cool. they have a pool. that makes the staff keep a closer eye on them to help them stay cool with things such as ice treats such as that. for the two-legged animals, there's ways for them to stay cool as well. >> it doesn't bother her as well this. bothers us more. >> we are wondering that. notice the polar bears. . >> drinking lots of water? >> yes, very hydrated today. >> staying in the shade. >> reporter: the zoo said despite the weeks of heat, they've had pretty good crowds
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as folks take advantage of the cooling stations and plenty of shade and seeing an elephant swimming in the pool is pretty much worth the price of admission right there. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. we're tracking one big thunderstorm across i-70. the storm intensified over boonsboro, moving towards brunswick. watching us on cable, be aware of that storm. other than that, the storm weakening, diminishing. there is a pretty decent storm moving into st. michaels, maybe thunder and lightning, not a severe storm but watching us in the st. michael's area. other than that, again, it's
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widely scattered activity with the biggest storm south of hagerstown which will remain west. code orange air quality alert tomorrow. this is probably going to be the theme the next couple of days. when that temperature gets up to 100 it tends to row act with all the exhaust and pollution. you got the tough afternoons. excessive heat watch for thursday and heat index value us north of 120, thursday, friday and probably saturday. right now we're getting a break in the heat. 84. humidity high but in the mid-80s. we'll take that. i want to show you some of our hd as the storms came in here at summer ridge. you see the skies darkening and there's a downpour which did briefly break the heat. the same storm line moving through the towson hear later in the afternoon. see the parking lot getting wet at towson.
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then comes the downpour on to the severn river, tough time if you were caught on the water. hot day across the state. 93 in easton. heat index values right now still above 90. with the storms passing through temps going down. you get a combined heat index. widely scattered storms which could linger into the late part of the evening. other than that, the weather benign but it's this hot humid pattern and this giant tropical high that will slide steadily east handsetle in, somewhat clear the skies. it will be that hazy sunshine scenario. the storm chances go down with the heat index, which goes up. a massive surge of humidity has invaded the entire east and southeastern coast of the u.s. some lingering shower activity
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overnight but most of it should stay well north of us tomorrow. by the way, tropical storm bret, if or akon srnd, looking to track well offshore of cape hatteras. steamy tomorrow, a hot day at 94. that will be the coolest day we see for awhile. tomorrow staying muggy at 745-6789 the outlook for hot humid conditions, up around 100 friday and saturday. johns hopkins and umbc have great dive teams. we show you the important work that the police perform every day. >> reporter: maryland has more than 7,000 miles of shoreline. the natural resource dive team is responsible for rescue and recovery north whole state. this year they've been very
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busy. maryland has had 13 boat related deaths and six more drownings, already reaching the tote lal for all of last year. we had a chance to go along with this theme for one of their training missions. the team consist of 12 drivers, and they do more than just body recovery. >> here for evidence collection, raise boats, vks, find other evidence from guns, crimes. >> reporter: this team is more than willing to do their work but it's not the work they look forward to. >> it's one of the things that we were don't want to do. we don't ever want to have to do it. the biggest thing is bringing closure for the family. the sooner we get the victim recovered, it does help the family to start recovering. >> reporter: it's sunny and calm but once you go below conditions can change drastically.
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>> hostile environment that they face, cold temperature, very limited visibility or zero visibility at times, hazardous currents, hazardous environmental conditions. >> reporter: one of the most vital pieces of equipment is the side scan sew far. this is not your average knish finder. that's a show fips kateed $50,000 peels of equipment is that can cut the rescue or search time from days down to hours. it's a small theme that covers a large area of water. no one sees their valuable work. at liberty rest ser voir, don harrison. our skills are going to the dogs. according to a new aaa survey drivers are distracted by their four-legged friends. some include restraining them to feeding them to driving with them on their laps.
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last year 56% vive the dog owners have driven with their pets at least once a month but only 16% restrain the pets properly. drivers should use a pet restraint every time. all right. let's she some dogs wagging their tongues out their window right now. we'll be right back.
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we'll see you tonight at 11. 10:00 and 2:00, buddy. eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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